I am Christine Lee, an intuitive alignment coach and reiki master healer. My life’s purpose is to empower womxn to reconnect with their true joy, trust their intuition, and show up with confidence being their authentic selves while doing what they love.

I believe we are all born with unique gifts that we are meant to share with the world and that our personal experiences help align our passions with our purpose. Using modern practical tools along with ancient spiritual practices, I help my clients get into alignment in their mind, body and spirit so that they can achieve their fullest potential and live abundantly.

Growing up, I was always chasing a timeline of what I believed a successful life needed to look like. From a young age, I worked hard to climb up the ladder in my professional career, and made efforts to expand my network and nurture my relationships. Although I excelled at whatever I put my mind to, I never felt fully satisfied because I was always working towards the next goal. I thought my accomplishments would help me feel happier or more fulfilled, but eventually I realized I was giving my power away and valuing my self worth based on other people’s opinions. I was not only chasing the timeline of life, I was also chasing external validation and acceptance. I started to lose my sense of self and who the real Christine truly was inside without all of the accolades and titles.

After I graduated university with a BSBA in international business, I moved across the country to follow love. A couple years later, I fell into a dark abyss. Not only was I being overworked and underpaid, my relationship of six years also started to fail. Nothing seemed to be working and it all suddenly came crashing down on me. So, there I was, without a job or a partner and felt completely alone.

During this time, I serendipitously landed a job as a real estate agent on a celebrity-named team in Beverly Hills. I was selling multi-million dollar homes and was surrounded by luxury, fame and names. Yet, I still felt like there was a void inside of me. I wasn’t excited about the nature of my work and it didn’t seem quite aligned with my personal values and how I wanted to make an impact in the world.
So, I knew I had to do some soul searching to rediscover who the true Christine was.

I started connecting with communities that were new and strange to my ego, yet felt right in my spirit. 

This led me to personal development workshops and self-improvement courses. It led me to learning about alternative healing and holistic therapy. This initiated my own healing journey and spiritual awakening.
Instead of long nights of partying and avoiding my shadow self, I spent long days with nature and reconnected with my truth. 

Instead of working hard to look good around others, I started to meditate and looked within my own soul.

It resulted in an ego death and a soul birth, where I discovered what values were truly important to me and how that affected my soul’s mission in life.

It helped me realize that every choice we make and action we take does make a greater impact and that I could BE the change I always wished to see in the world.

So, I hope to serve you in the best way I know how, by utilizing my unique gifts to support and empower you on your journey of healing and awakening to your true abundance.


Love and Light,



Christine is an Erickson Coaching International Certified Professional Coach on ICF ACC Path and Certified Reiki Master Healer & Teacher