Reiki & Chakra Balance Healing


Pendulum reading tuning into your energy and aura where you can visibly see where blockages and imbalances are in your chakras

Aura cleansing and sound therapy to accompany healing session

Full chakra energy healing and balancing session

(All sessions are distance and remote healing through Zoom video)

Compatible with Coaching Programs

Available for Distance Healing Only

Package or Single Session Rates Available


Disclosure - You are in a safe space and clothes are kept on. You may experience sensations before/during/after the session(s): mental, physical, or emotional (this is to help you clear and remove blockages in your chakra and aura systems).


This has been a truly eye opening experience for me. Christine was so caring and sweet during our session. I really opened up to her about my past and that only helped the healing process. I’m not a very spiritually inclined person but after this session it made me realize things for myself that I wouldn’t have been able to get back to otherwise. After our session, Christine saw things about me and my past that there was no way she could have known about. This session helped me to focus my path, my interests, heal my wounds and apply more self love and self care. The next day more of the things that i saw and experienced during the guided meditation came to fruition and made my path that much more clear! Thank you so much for an incredible experience and helping me through a time where I needed guidance and redirection! This is definitely something that i recommend anyone to do because you will be surprised what comes to the surface. Many things that I was suppressing came to light and the next day, reflecting on it again and understanding it for myself made me feel very free and happy and grounded.

Monisha Rahman

Christine is amazing and very passionate about healing and coaching. She truly has a gift to assess, sense, heal and help find harmony within one’s body, mind and soul. Christine has been my reiki therapist/coach for almost two months now and during this short period of time she helped me clear up and start moving very stubborn blockages, and find inner peace. She always makes sure you’re comfortable and will provide any necessary insights or advice to make sure you’re getting the most from healing, even outside of reiki sessions. Christine is a Healer sent from God. Her unconditional caring and love for other people makes it a very profound and beautiful experience! I’m beyond grateful to have her as my coach and reiki therapist!

Evelina Baranovskaya